Tea Tree Body Wash
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Tea Tree Body Wash

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Tea Tree Body Wash ( New formula)


Coconut grows in tropical climates and its oil is widely used in healing skin problems, nourishing hair, assisting hair growth and preventing dandruff. It can also be consumed as a drink to assist in body healing. It keeps skin moisturized, heals wounds and fungus, kills candida (a fungus that causes infection), moisturizes skin, decreases wrinkles and age spots, balances hormones, balances blood sugar & improves energy, and burns fat.


Olive Oil is used both in cooking and for maintenance of skin health. It protects the heart, helps fight cancer, assists with weight loss & obesity prevention, supports brain health, combats mood disorders and depression, naturally slows aging, and helps lower the risk of diabetes and breast cancer.


Tea tree oil is a natural acne fighter, improves eczema, reduce dandruff, and boosts hair health, is a natural treatment for lice, fights toenail fungus and ringworm, improves foot odor, is a natural deodorant, protect wounds and cuts and relieves cough. 


Tea tree has antibacterial properties, it helps to treating acne with oily skin.


 Ideal for oily skin. For external used only: hair, face, and body.

500ml tea tree body wash.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, olive oil, potassium hydroxide, water and tea tree oil.


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