Skin Repair Moisturizing Salve
Skin Repair Moisturizing Salve
Skin Repair Moisturizing Salve
Skin Repair Moisturizing Salve
Ruby's Healing Garden

Skin Repair Moisturizing Salve

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LIMITED TIME: pre-packaged for no extra charge, making them ready to go under the tree. Saving you time and the hassle of wrapping gifts. Plus they are eco-friendly gift boxes (recyclable with bio-degradable ribbon) so you don't have to worry about increasing your eco-logical footprint this season! 

This product works amazing for moisturizing your dry, chapped, flaky, itchy or rough skin.

The beeswax in this product creates a protective barrier to lock in the moisture, making your skin super soft and hydrated longer, without clogging pores. Compared to water-based lotions, that actually dehydrates your skin. Resulting in a less effective moisturizer.


A little goes a long way! Best applied as needed for instant relief. Or before bed, letting your skin rest and soak in the salve.


Use on hands, feet, or body. For ages +3 years.

We support local agriculture by using ingredients from local sources as much as possible. 


Contains: Beeswax (local yyc beekeeper) Calendula Flower (from Rubys garden), Plantain Leaf (wildcrafted in yyc), Olive Oil and Lavender Essential Oil (Pure & chemical free) 

All organic nothing synthetic


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