Nature's Signature ECO CoCoA
Nature's Signature ECO CoCoA
Nature’s Coco Cups

Nature's Signature ECO CoCoA

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100% natural nutrients blended with positive ECO impact, lasting long after each cup.

Marvelously simple with natural ingredients, and simply marvelous with natural taste and nutrients.

Natural Flavour: A coffee TV commercial located in some lush green landscape, as the actor sips the natural aromatic nutrient rich beverage. But remember to switch the coffee out for your Nature’s Signature Cocoa.

Minty CoCoA Flavor: This will leave your mouth tingling freshness right up till the next sip, maybe even the next cup.

"Sugar is not a flavour" RyRy

Naturally designed so all can enjoy.

  • Dairy-free, Fiber-rich, Iron-rich, Gluten-free, Vegan

    (Prepare and enjoy your way, we all naturally blend perfectly )

  • All Canadian Supplied.

Packaged Weight 400g / suggested serving 25g = 2 - 3 TBSP (16 Servings approximately)

Prepare and Enjoy Your Way, We All Naturally Blend Perfectly.

Simply Add/Blend/Shake Nature’s CoCoA Blend with 14-16Oz of Hot/Cold Water or any other beverage and enjoy. Making this blend great for anyone moment.

(Personal favorite is in blender with a dash of cinnamon, some ice and water or milk/substitutes. It reminds me of living in Latin America and enjoying Choco Mil, A.K.A Blended Chocolate Milk).

Nature's Equal ECO Sustainability Initiative.

  • Every 10 ECO Blends/1 ECO Box is purchased = 1 Tree planted in CANADA.

    (Repayment of our insane debt with our planet)
  • 1 ECO Blend purchased = 1 Blend Donated to local organizations in need.

    (Time to realize we all naturally blend perfectly)
  • Every purchase includes a Teddy Bear sunflower seed starter kit.

    (Teddy Bear steps towards equal ECO sustainability)

When selecting ingredients for our ECO Blends, our expectations are the best nature has to offer. Our decisions include quality of product and people involved. This is why we selected a Venezuelan Cocoa, imported by a local family from their cocoa ranches in Venezuela. It is then roasted and ground at their facilities here in Calgary (AB) making for some awesome fresh ingredients for our ECO Blends.

Some additional awesome qualities of this families farming processes that we found blended perfectly with our equal ECO sustainability efforts:

  • Pre/Post and during harvesting is completely natural, based on the legacy of the first workers of the land.

  • Ecological control of the weeds.

  • Control of animals and insects.

  • Phytosanitary pruning and maintenance.

  • Careful selection of the grains.

Ingredients and Natural Benefits

(Yes all have potential benefits, and so do daily vitamins, and common sense)

We at Nature’s CoCo Cups utilize natural ingredients firstly for their awesome taste, with the understanding that any superfood properties are in fact that in which they are, “A natural possibility, with no guarantees”. Nature’s CoCo cups does not in any way promise to provide a cure for illness or disease, but we intend to provide natural healthy ingredients, energies and nutrients for your body, mind and energy/spirit.

Ingredients: 100% Natural cocoa, Potassium Carbonate, soy milk powder(dairy free), (Selected sweetener).

Ingredients: Cacao en poudre 100% pure, carbonate de potassium, poudre de soja(sans produits laitiers), (Édulcorant sélectionné).

Allergies: Please note, even though we do not contain certain ingredients, anyone with severe allergies should be aware that are facilities are not "certified" from those allergens and also our ingredients come from facilities that may contain those allergens. We state this to inform not to scare you.

Potential Natural Benefits

Cocoa Powder and all it’s amazing benefits include stabilizing blood pressure, supporting brain health, a good source of antioxidant, maintains cholesterol level, treats diabetes, cure bronchial asthma, contain healing power, reduces obesity, strengthening cardiovascular health, a mood buster, helps treat constipation, prevent cancer, and support skin health. Theobroma cacao’ is a Latin terminology for  widely known ingredient cocoa. It is fermented from the seeds of the cacao tree. Cocoa is a main manufacturing ingredient of chocolate and has incredible medical benefits with ineluctable healing power. It is a low-fat constituent of cocoa bean which is finely grounded. Naturally, cocoa is a rich substance with high minerals and nutrients providing innumerable health benefits.

  • Stabilizes Blood Pressure. Cocoa powder has an inexplicable quality to stabilize blood pressure. The sufficiently present flavonoid in cocoa beans not only lowers the blood pressure but improves the elasticity of veins and blood vessels. Moreover, the antioxidants in cocoa increase the stimulation of nitric oxide to control the exerted pressure of blood vessels. On the contrary, there are certain cocoa-based products like black tea that may have some precarious effects on the normal pulse rate of blood pressure.

  • Good for Brain Health. Cocoa powder is a flavonoid-rich ingredient that may help you maintain a healthy brain. It provides the neuroprotective benefits to enhance the brain competency, memory and learning functions. In addition to this, scientific studies advocated that cocoa-based products should be an important part of your diet to enhance blood flow and cure vascular disorders. However, excess consumption of cocoa in the caffeinated drinks may lead to severe side effects including sleeplessness and increased urination.

  • Maintains Cholesterol Level. As per recent findings, cocoa has hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic effects on both cholesterol level and glucose respectively. Researchers have observed a prominent reduction in LDL cholesterol, glucose level, and triglycerides in the people consuming cocoa powder. To add to it, cocoa increases the level of HDL (healthy cholesterol) in the blood which leads to diminishing the risk of heart diseases.

  • Treats Diabetes. Medical professionals consider diabetes as a silent killer that can damage your glucose metabolism.  Adding cocoa-based products in daily diet has demonstrated some noteworthy effects of improved insulin resistance and hypermetabolism of glucose in your body. This function not only helps regulate sugar levels but it contains proanthocyanidins which aid inhibits the formation of cataract which diabetes induces in the blood occasionally.

  • Aid with Asthma. Cocoa is incredibly good at healing bronchial complications. The alkaloids like theophylline and xanthine are present in cocoa powder which aid relax bronchial spasm, bronchial tubes, and constricted opening.  This enhances breathing flow, cure chronic allergies leading to the severe stage of breath shortness and asthma.

  • Healing Powers. Pharmaceutical companies have been using cocoa extracts for its wound-healing and therapeutic properties for manufacturing medicinal products. Scientists consider cocoa extract as an active agent that helps prevent the growth of infectious bacteria in your body. Plus, if it is taken with the appropriate medical treatment, it may aid eradicate the contagious bacteria Helicobacter pylori from your body.

  • Reduce Obesity. In consonance with some recent studies, scientists believe that cocoa has some potential benefits which prevent obesity in your body.  The regular intake of cocoa modulates lipid metabolism to reduce the synthesis of fatty acids. Besides aiding in reducing obesity, appropriate consumption of cocoa improves thermogenesis- the heat production mechanism in the liver and white adipose tissues.

  • Strengthens Cardiovascular Health. A recent study has elaborated some inevitable benefits of cocoa which help strengthen the cardiovascular health. It includes some rich catechin, epicatechin and procyanidin having antioxidant properties which protect cells and strengthen the heart. In addition to that, cocoa powder prevents fatal blood clots from blocking the blood vessels which may lead to severe cardiac failure.

  • Mood Buster. Consuming cocoa, according to scientists can have prominent effects on your mood which help you release stress level. Its antidepressant effect facilitates certain physiological processes.  An investigated study states that flavonols in cocoa powder enhance your depressing mood by improving cognitive activities to relieve mentalexertion. Plus, the presence of neurochemical phenylethylamine in cocoa powder helps enhance feelings of satisfaction and promote aphrodisiac effects simultaneously.

  • Prevent Cancer? Studies have shown that cocoa powder inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, also protects the growth of healthy cells.  Cocoa powder evidently exhibits anti-proliferative qualities to heal cancer with the help of procyanidins and flavonols. Particularly, it aids treat prostate and colon cancer with its effective healing power.

  • Skin Care (big difference between natural cocoa and commercial chocolate’s packed with sugar). Cocoa is one of the natural ingredients that can be used to maintain skin health. Research findings show that flavanol in cocoa decreases the hazardous effects of ultraviolet rays and reduce scaling and roughness of skin. Moreover, it enhances skin elasticity, density, and hydration. In line with this, another study confirmed cocoa as an active stimulant of hemoglobin which in turn increases facial glow. Contrastively, Cocoa-based products can cause different skin allergies on sensitive skin. Thus, it is important to lessen its consumption if you possess skin sensitivity towards it.

Take advantage of choosing the Natural sweetener for your CoCo (enjoy nature’s naturally sweet side)

  • Organic CoConut Sugar (my personal favorite)

  • Monk Fruit (pure concentrate with vegetable fibre.

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