Nature's Blue Butterfly CoCoA
Nature's Blue Butterfly CoCoA
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Nature's Blue Butterfly CoCoA

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Blend does not include Blue Butterflies, honestly not a single butterfly was harmed. I just couldn’t use this flowers other name Clitoria ternatea. Have fun and enjoy the laugh.

  • Simply add the ECO Blend powder contents with 14-16 Oz of HOT water or any other beverage / smoothie and Enjoy.

Note: If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is advised to take your doctor’s opinion before you include blue butterfly pea in your diet.

Flavour: Absolute consensual food intimacy between sweet floral, and slightly spicy ginger lathered in cocoa. Don’t worry they always consider each others feelings sip after sip.

Sweetened with Organic CoConut sugar. 10-11g

Ingredients: 100% Natural cocoa, soy milk powder, organic coconut sugar, blue butterfly pea flower powder, green spirulina, inulin powder, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ashwagandha root, sea salt, cloves, maca.

Ingrédients: Cacao en poudre 100% pure, poudre de soja, sucre de coco biologique, fleur de pois papillon, spiruline verte, poudre d'inuline, gingembre, cannelle, muscade, cardamome, racine d'ashwagandha, sel marin, clous de girofle, maca.

Nature’s ECO Blends filled with natural nutrients, flavors , and raw ECO impact.

Naturally designed so all can enjoy.

  • 100% Natural 

  • Dairy-free, Fiber-rich, Iron-rich, Gluten-free, Vegan.

  • All Canadian Supplied

Sustainability Initiative

  • Every Satchel purchased = 1 satchel donated to local organizations in need.

  • Every 10 Satchels = 1 Tree is planted in Canada.

  • Every purchase includes a seed starter kit of Teddy Bear sunflowers. (Teddy Bear steps towards equal ECO sustainability).

  • Portion of proceeds from all coconut products help with the maintenance of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Allergies: Please note, even though we do not contain certain ingredients, anyone with severe allergies should be aware that are facilities are not "certified" from those allergens and also our ingredients come from facilities that may contain those allergens. We state this to inform not to scare you.

We at Nature’s CoCo Cups utilize natural ingredients firstly for their awesome taste, with the understanding that any superfood properties are in fact that in which they are, “A natural possibility, with no guarantees”. Nature’s CoCo cups does not in any way promise to provide a cure all for illness or disease, but we intend to provide natural healthy ingredients, energies and nutrients for your body, mind and energy/spirit.

Health Benefits of a few of our awesome ingredients:

(Yes all ingredients have potential benefits, and so do daily vitamins, and common sense).

Butterfly Pea Flower - Also known as (Clitoria ternatea), Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin pea, is an amazing brain boosting herb native to tropical equatorial Asia. A traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, blue pea flower has been consumed for centuries as a memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agent. Known for its luminous indigo colour, Butterfly Pea flower has traditionally been used as a vegetable in cooking, to colour deserts or to make a strikingly vibrant coloured drinks.

Butterfly Pea flower is jam-packed full of health promoting antioxidants, flavonoids and peptides and has shown considerable promise in being a natural remedy for a range of health complaints.

  • Improved eyesight - Butterfly pea flower contains an antioxidant called proanthocyanidin, which increases blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes, useful in treatment of glaucoma, blurred vision, retinal damage or tired eyes.

  • Improved hair growth - Rich in bioflavonoids, Butterfly Pea flower can promote hair growth and reduce greying of hair.

  • Improve skin - Butterfly Pea flowers antioxidants stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, which helps rejuvenate the skin and lessen wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  • Aphrodisiac - Butterfly Pea flower has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac particularly for women and used to treat menstruation problems.

  • Conception - Possibly an old legend. The blue butterfly pea flower derives its botanical name from the resemblance it shows for the female genitals, the clitoris. As such, it is believed to help in conception, and much like chamomile and green teas, it provides a healthy alternative to caffeine during pregnancy. (If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is advised to take your doctor’s opinion before you include blue butterfly pea tea in your diet.)

  • Antioxidant - Flavonoids, anthocyanins and phenolic compounds in Butterfly Pea flowers activate antioxidant activity, which helps decrease oxidative stress caused by disease causing and ageing free radicals.

  • Nootropic - Butterfly Pea flower has been shown to enhance cognitive function and boost brain function.

  • Diuretic- Butterfly Pea flower promotes normal urination, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

  • Analgesic - Butterfly pea flower has been used traditionally as a local anaesthetic as it has been shown to help relieve pain and swelling.

  • Anxiolyhic - Butterfly Pea flower has a calming effect on the body, reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Anti-inflammatory - The deep indigo flowers contain flavonoids. Found in almost all fruits and vegetables, flavonoids are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

  • Anti-Asthmatic - It is used in common cold, cough & asthma as it acts as an expectorant and reduces the irritation of respiratory organs.

  • Anti-anxiety and depression - Indications are that high doses of Butterfly Pea may be adaptogenic – helping the body deal with stressors.

  • Anti-diabetic - Butterfly Pea flower has shown to inhibit glucose intake from the diet.

  • Anti-HIV - Butterfly Pea flower is one of the few herbs to contain cyclotides, which have exhibited anti-HIV effects in studies.

  • Anti-cancer and anti-tumor - Butterfly Pea flower cyclotides can cause cancer cells to die by disrupting cell membrane integrity.

  • Anti-microbial - In several Indian studies, Butterfly Pea exhibited significant anti-microbial effects against Staphylococcus Aureus.

  • Anti-convulsant - Butterfly Pea flower has been shown to help reduce the severity and stress on the body from convulsions useful in treating epilepsy.

  • Anti-pyretic - Can help reduce fever by dilating the blood vessels right beneath the skin, whereby air can cool the blood easier.

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