Lemongrass Massage Oil
Lemongrass Massage Oil
Lemongrass Massage Oil
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Lemongrass Massage Oil

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Lemongrass massage oil (New)


Enjoy holiday season with 100% handmade natural massage oil. 


Lemongrass is effective cleanser for all skin type, strengthen your skin tissues and kill germs, soothe irritation on skin, boosts energy, relief headaches and muscle pain. 


Lemon oil which will help blood circulation, release tension, and even help to clean the area of small cut and scrape, and heal wound more quickly. 


Olive Oil is used both in cooking and for maintenance of skin health. It protects the heart, helps fight cancer, assists with weight loss & obesity prevention, supports brain health, combats mood disorders and depression, naturally slows aging, and helps lower the risk of diabetes and breast cancer.


Peppermint oil relieves muscle and joint pain, provides sinus care and other respiratory benefits, provides seasonal allergy relief, increases energy and improves exercise performance, alleviates headaches, promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff, relieves itchiness, improves skin health, provides sunburn protection and relief.


Saraphy Bath & Spa lemongrass massage oil is idea for easing nerve pain, a, muscle pain, relieve headache, helps blood circulation, and reduces stress. 

Ingredients: olive oil, lemongrass oil, lemon oil, and peppermint oil.

50ml of all-natural goodness.

Usage direction: For external use only.

Apply the oil on tension area, rub and massage gently. It helps to ease all pain, refresh mind, and body, release stress and feel relax by just applying it.

It is effectively keep skin moisturizing and healthy. 



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