Skincare Holiday Gift Set
Skincare Holiday Gift Set
T'oria Skincare

Skincare Holiday Gift Set

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This holiday season spoil your family, friends and skincare lovers with T'oria Skincare's Holiday Gift Set. We have bundled our body collection's best sellers for your loved ones. 

What's Included:

Gingerbread Body Lotion 4oz

Embrace the warmth and fall into tropical luxury with our Gingerbread Body Lotion. Handcrafted with Kukui nut oil and Babassu oil, this body lotion will take you right onto the beaches and rainforests of Maui. Kukui nut oil, a skincare gem derived from the Kukui nuts of Hawaii, has been used for centuries to provide deep, lasting moisture, as well as protect the skin from daily stresses and exposure to the elements. Mixed with Babassu oil, this lotion creates a blend that the skin absorbs quickly and happily, giving you the glow and moisture that you love, while providing the daily protection from harsh environmental elements and signs of aging that your skin needs. 

Berry Christmas Morning Body Butter 4oz

We know how important it is to give your skin constant moisture and hydration. We crafted this body butter to provide your skin with just that, and then some. Our Berry Christmas Morning Body Butter is whipped together (literally) with a careful blend of ethically sourced mix of Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and of course, Shea Butter, so you can be sure that your skin is going to be getting the love it craves!

Peppermint Body Scrub 4oz

Inhale in the winter air with our Peppermint Body Scrub and exhale the stressors of your daily life. You deserve the glow of a beach vacation, and we're here to give that to you with an exfoliating and moisturizing blend of cane sugar, poppy seed, mango, shea, and cocoa butter to bring out your inner beach babe wherever you are. 

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