Green Apples Premium Soap

Green Apples Premium Soap

Ambrosia’s Treasures
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Green Apple Premium soap bar was designed around BC Broken Ladder Cider because it is 100% handcrafted with fresh BC Apples, GMO Free, and no color, flavoring or water has been added. Important featuers to Ambrosia's Treasures!

Green Apple Premium soap is 100% natural and palm-oil free. Made with a blend of skin-loving oils and butter. This beautiful bar is naturally colored and scented by the cider and smells as great as it tastes.

Natural Apple aroma from the Apple Cider ~ A lovely crisp apple scent.


Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and castor oil, shea butter, apple cider (broken ladder), sodium lactate, water.

Each bar weighs ~130 g. 

All soap is made by hand in small batches, so slight variations are to be expected. Product may not look exactly as shown.

A great addition to your home for any time of year! ♥ Handcrafted Calgary, Alberta

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