Buffer Brush
Buffer Brush
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Buffer Brush

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Want one face powder brush that does it all? And better yet, one that has a nice short handle that fits perfectly into your makeup or evening bag instead of one of those huge long handled powder brushes that take up so much space?


This multi purpose brush will take you from dusting on setting powder, to a dash of powder blush, highlighter or a perfectly chiseled contour effect. The short stubby handle fitting snugly into the palm of your hand you'll find that this brush acts as a natural extension of your arm allowing you ease of control and pressure. 


Professional makeup artist inspired face powder brush.  Hand crafted by world’s premier cosmetic art brush manufacturer since 1929, located in New York City.

Nickel metal ferrule guaranteed to keep bristles firmly attached. Providing superior style and long lasting durability.

Responsibly sourced, cruelty free natural hair bristles pick up and deposit the perfect amount of product and are dense enough for serious blending work while still feeling silky soft on the skin. 

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