Be Mine Candle (4oz)
Be Mine Candle (4oz)

Be Mine Candle (4oz)

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Whether you're enjoying the benefits of being single, cuddling up with a good romantic comedy or smooching with bae; these candles will help you make the most of Valentine's Day!


Select from our limited edition scents:


Prosecco & Pink Raspberries: Sparkling Champagne, Fresh Berries & Tangerine.

Chocolate Truffle: Notes of Chocolate, Sweet Honey, Rose & Coriander Seed. At the base, Creamy Vanilla & Powder.

Blossom: Exotic notes of Jasmine blossoms.

Red Roses: A floral bouquet reminiscent of red roses - warm, sweet and fruity.


Contains: 4oz


  • More About Boxy Candles:

    • We use natural blend of coconut & soy wax. This means that our candles are environmentally friendly as they don'y release yucky toxins into the air.
    • All our are fragrances are Paraben and Phthalate Free.
    • We use premium wood wick for clean and long lasting burning.
    • Our candle jars are 100% reusable.

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