60 minute HeartMath Session
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60 minute HeartMath Session

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This session will teach the science based HeartMath techniques to build resilience, self-regulation of emotions and behaviours that will move you from a state of reacting to a state of responding. I don't teach you how to live a better life, I take your existing life with all it entails and teach you how to carry the load with ease. I teach you how to accumulate resilience and happiness instead of stress and anxiety. I find where your energy leaks are and teach you how to plug them. All of this will offer you far greater energy, focus, problem solving skills, communication, optimal decision making, better relationships, cognitive flexibility, and overall ease and well-being. 

The HeartMath techniques are designed to be in the moment and on the go so you won't need to carve out any extra time in your day to practice, or have a designated space.  

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