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Saraphy Bath & Spa

"When I lived in Myanmar, one of my school mates had to drop school because she dressed like a man. She did not feel comfortable wearing a girl's dress. I myself was bullied by so many people when I was in Myanmar because of my sexual orientation. My older sister realized that. She told me to build up my skills as much as I can so that I  will be accepted into society. I have gone through so many challenges because of my sexual orientation. That is why I want to send a message to people: be kind and respect all human beings, no matter who they are. Calgary pride is doing important work. I believe that this will help educate people to understand and respect, and accept all human beings. This will make a better society, live in unity, and peace. Since my business is a social minded business, it is important to support Calgary Pride's work, and also to show to local consumers how local small businesses can bring change to our society."

-Tanda, Owner of Saraphy Bath & Spa

Lowen's Natural Skincare

"#OurPride and LGBTQ+ allyship matters to me because advocacy aligns with our mission of betterment and our values of inclusiveness, advocacy and relationships. On a personal level, participation is also key in my education, understanding and overall growth to be a more effective ally."

-Chad, Owner of Lowen's Natural Skincare

Caydence Photography

"People around the world face violence and abuse for simply being themselves. Sexual orientation and gender should never be a thing of controversy or discrimination; it is an integral part of who we are. And acceptance of diversity and identity are key to a healthy mind. We're living in a world where challenges to mental health are a leading issue and must be addressed. Supporting organisations that bring these issues to the forefront are key to a better world."

-Lisa Amos, Owner of Caydence Photography

Singles Apparel

“Singles Apparel was created to support and encourage real-time, real-life exchanges for those who are single and looking. Our partnership with #ourpride and the LGBTQ+ allyship is the perfect platform to highlight the newest hat to our family, the Proud Swan, and the message that our brand is inclusive to anyone and everyone that is single and looking."

-Trevor Edwards, Singles Apparel