Chocolate Fudge Stout Brownie Mix Ⓥ

Chocolate Fudge Stout Brownie Mix Ⓥ

coRISE Superfood
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Presenting our new nut-free Chocolate Fudge Stout Brownie Mix Ⓥ. These fudgy brownies are so moist, dense and gooey, packed with flavour and texture for your happy tastebuds. The hardest part of this easy baking process is waiting to eat them! 

We kicked it up with some upcycled espresso grounds from our fellow YYC social enterprise, Good Trade Coffee. 

  • Our coRISE Supergrain+ is heart-healthy, high fibre & prebiotic, to keep you full & support your digestion

  • Whole-grain hulled barley fibre helps reduce/lower cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease

  • Organic coconut MCT oil can help your brain function & memory

  • Free from preservatives, GMO, palm & artificial anything

  • Handmade fresh in small batches using organic, functional & sustainable ingredients

  • 400g = makes 12 brownies. Just add butter and eggs, or coconut oil and your favourite egg replacement to keep it vegan.


What people are saying:

"I absolutely love the porter cookies. Simply delectable! The brownies are amazing too!" - Sebastian B.

"Damn! That brownie is really good!" - Bryan K.

"The brownie was so moist and yummy!" - Michelle P.

"Ummm I don’t know what you put in that brownie but I devoured it! So far my favourite." - Stephanie J.    


Ingredients: Cane sugar*, coRISE Supergrain+ (whole-grain hulled barley, wheat*), cocoa*, espresso grounds+, sea salt

*Organic +Upcycled


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