ECO Beverage Blends Gift Box
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ECO Beverage Blends Gift Box

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Designed with care for all, each satchel, cup or box set provides a guaranteed opportunity to make an impact directly in your environment and that of others. With our all natural Canadian supplied product lines, to our eco-friendly compostable packaging offering a chance to connect with nature by responsibly planting the sunflowers for the bees or harvesting the edible petals bringing adventure to any dinner plate.

Nature’s ECO Blends are dairy free, vegan and filled with natural Superfoods. Enjoy each of our current flavours on the go, or in the stay. This gives your mind and body the needed benefits to stay focused, healthy and happy throughout the day. Simply add satchel contents to 14-16oz of hot water or desired hot beverage and enjoy, even add to a smoothie.

To some, our delicious beverage blends offering a wide range of possible internal benefits is the gift in itself. Each ECO gift Box is naturally packed with actual ECO experiences, resulting in positive impact towards our sustainability.

Box set Includes the following:

  • 7 of our Signature ECO CoCoA Blends with the following assortment (1) Minty Greens CoCoa Blend, (1) HazelNuts & Nibs Cocoa Blend, (1) Berry BeeT-eful CoCoa Blend, (1) Caramelized Mushrooms CoCoa Blend , (1) Blue Butterfly CoCoa Blend, (1) CoConut Bliss CoCoa blend, (1) Orange Turmeric CoCoa Blend.


  • 7 of our Signature CoCoNut beverage blends, (1) Bounty Bliss CoCoNut, (1) Tur-merically Tropical, (1) Tropical Beet, (1) Sunny Foggy CoCoNut, (1) Blue CoCoon Nut, (1) Caramelized CoCoNuts, (1) CoCoNut Matcha-aliTEA, Bonus (1) CoCoNut Peach Matcha-aliTEA.
  • 7 x wooden spoons

  • 1 x seed satchel containing a few Teddy Bear sunflower seeds and (1) soil disc. (Please plant responsibly in your garden for the bees, then enjoy these edible flowers on a salad bringing some excitement to a plate.)

  • 1 Tree is planted in Canada, through our partnership with Tree Canada (Seedlings are planted in the area of Canada needing trees to be planted at that time. )

  • We donate 7 satchels of our nutrient filled Traditional CoCoa to support local organizations in need. “Together as ALL-ONE we can start to thrive rather than just keep trying to survive."

Sweetened with organic coconut sugar 10-11g

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