Herbal Oil & Butter Maker
Herbal Oil & Butter Maker
Herbal Oil & Butter Maker
Herbal Oil & Butter Maker

Herbal Oil & Butter Maker

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Easily make infused foods at home with the Friendibles Oil & Butter Maker. It’s time to choose your own strength for your edibles with smart concentration tracking. With this Oil & Butter Maker, you can portion you oil or butter by the teaspoon so you can personalize the potency of your herbally infused foods. Quickly make delicious treats for a fun and relaxing time!

This works with: butter, cream, milk, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, beef tallow, duck fat and bacon fat.

Whats Included?

    Instructions with dosing chart
    Extraction pot (18/8 stainless steel)
    Aluminum spice mill (2" diameter)
    Filter bags (10) (biodegradable cotton)
    Air tight silicone container (with warning label)

Check out our portion calculator and suggested recipes! (copy and paste into new browser tab)

Calculator: https://friendibles.ca/friendly-treats/edibles-thc-calculator/
Recipes: https://friendibles.ca/friendly-treats/

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