Peppermint Body Scrubs
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Peppermint Body Scrubs

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*25% of profits from this product will support Calgary Pride*

Ingredients: Organic sugar, peppermint oil.


250g of all natural goodness.


Peppermint oil relieves muscle and joint pain, provides sinus care and other respiratory benefits, provides seasonal allergy relief, increases energy and improves exercise performance, alleviates headaches, promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff, relieves itchiness, improves skin health, provides sunburn protection and relief.


Peppermint provides seasonal allergy relief. When taking using peppermint body scrubs, it is cold down the body, helps refreshing skin, clear dirt,  which helps  increasing energy and decreasing anxiety and also improves skin health.Tea tree oil is a natural acne fighter, improves eczema, boosts hair health, is a natural treatment for lice, fights toenail fungus and ringworm, improves foot odor, is a natural deodorant, protect wounds and cuts and relieves cough.

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